Do not read!! you’ve been warned

Hey there i know no body gonna read this that’s why I wrote this.
I’m so bored right now. and in the mood of doing nothing. I wanna read. I really am. But I don’t want to read e-book. It gives me headache and poor sight. My eyes just can’t take it. I don’t want to look like an idiot wimping around twitter/facebook so I do it in here instead.
that’s all I feel bit better now…

The Irony

Call it irony because what it is..

Before I down to write this I’ve done my research so what written here is based on research even probably some trusted information. However this piece of word is my opinion and anyone else can have their opinion.

We all know that today is TCA (yeahhh I’m not excited at all to be honest,sorry) and all the fandom (I hope I call it right) got so excited hope their idol to bring hope the surf board. So did directioners, rusher, and of course beliebers. The point is. 1D won all their award, beat BTR and (sadly) The Wanted. Then things happened the fandom went crazy some just had too much caffein or sugar in their blood and things went south. Basically some rusher did not happy with the result and started giving bad comment on 1D BUT the directioners (who probably aslo had too much sugar) attacked the others fandom too by bragging about their winning. Some of their comment is just heart breaking.

Anyway I don’t want to comment on that, that just the hater and immature fans that any fandom shouldn’t pay any attention at. What I want to say is the irony behind this event. This season BTR opened their season with an episode called “The Big Invasion”. The story line is that the america is now facing the invasion of british boyband The Wanted and 1D and 3 made-up british boyband. and BTR trying so hard to fight the invasion, with obstacles ready to strip their step. But they find their believe again and get back in their feet. And now right this moment today they really are facing “The Invasion” only now it worst because the fans wont let them get up easily.

All I want now is for BTR to keep their spirit and do their best, and I hope the best for 1D but I really hope they could control their “pet” I don’t care how. and for rusher please just support your idol and don’t bother to give a feedback to any hater. If you hate haters that make you a hater. and no body likes hater :))

What’s done is done.

It wasn’t only wickedness and scheming that made people unhappy, it was confusion and misunderstanding; above all, it was the failure to grasp the simple truth that other people are as real as you.” 

 In our younger days believe or not, realize or not we were in the edge of innocent and evasive. We acted exactly what people around us told. Some of our deed we believe to be the best and the righteous to be done. But is it? Think again ! sometimes we did what we did just because we are afraid of the truth, therefore we we did otherwise so we do not have to step on guilty  pleasure. It’s human nature…


Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

This is my second Nicholas Sparks’ book I read. I read A walk to remember years ago high school, unfortunately I couldn’t recall the whole story, even worst I forget the characters names, however I memorized the plot. Not exactly the beginning to the end, but the bold line.

Moving on, an hour ago I finished reading Safe Haven, had no trouble but to leave it. Like A walk to Remember, and maybe any of his works, Nicholas Spark captured the magnificent of regular people’s life. How every characters live their life, how they deal with their problem, both emotionally and physically. Like regular people would do. The story of Katie and Alex immediately get into my heart. Word  by word, sentence by sentence, page by page I dived in Nicholas fiction word in Shoutport. Following every perks of Katie and Alex’s life. Reading it like watch their story’s projected in my head. Because their story is almost common to every people. It effortlessly connected to some people with same or almost same experiences. I don’t think reader need to read it so deeply to understand every beat of the tone. I personally, feel so easy to approaching Katie’s feeling for their parents. I have almost the same background with her, with some differences here and there.But still enough to feel what she feels.

Even though I have only read two of his works, I have already watched some movies based on his works like Last Song, The Notebook, and Dear John. And I think Nicholas applies a pattern in his works, I do not know whether he does it in purposed or simply part of his writing character. Anyway I acknowledge some of it, like parents-children relationship, army connection, and a terminal or serious illness. Like in this book Alex’s wife suffered from brain tumor which caused her death. Not like the other works I have mentioned, in Safe Haven the parent-children’s relation is between the main character, Alex, with his children where the other works places the main character as the child. It is good to experience different feeling in Nicholas’ works.

If you want to know more about the book you can look up the link below

Recently the made a movie based of this book starring Josh Duhamel and Jullian Hough. I have not watched the movie yet, but here I add the trailer of the movie if you have not watch it too.

(to be continued)

Sherina ~ Better Than Love

* Lyrics *

Seemed impossible, seemed absurd
I didn’t even know you before
Kept my distance, closing in
I don’t mind caressing your skin
What did you say, what did you do?
Somehow, I feel I’m enchanted by you
Flying high on a mountain high
Suddenly you look as bright as the sky
Reff A:
Something old, something new
Something I didn’t thought could be true
Have I forgotten, or have I never
Felt like this, as light as a feather
Not interested in love,
but I’m attracted to you
I hope that you feel the same way too
A little too fast but way too long
Though I’m not sure where I belong
Back to Bridge,
Reff B:
Something old, something new
Something I didn’t thought could be true
Love’s too strong and a bit cliché
For now this is enough, I’ve got a long way
Something old, something new

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Another New, Maybe

I know I’ve promised to myself that I will write down anything, like anything, that happened in my every second of my life. Guess I just can’t keep my own promises. anyway, I am writing now because I am desperately lost in unknown situation, I name it fallbackdown situation, as I fall and feel down again at the same time.

I had some miscommunication with my friends and I realized I just have to do the old me, the one that suit me best. “Walk as an indie soldier” like what my friend said a couple month before we started our college life and worried about our new life.

so now here I am in my own path, walking graciously.

happy day everyone. although I don’t think anyone read this blog.

Arting for 365 Day 349: Fish Feeder

Micah Richardson

Goal: To create one piece of art each day for 365 consecutive days

They thought him strange, this sheep man, who walked with a can of fish food. His daily routine consisted of waking at 6 a.m. to visit the water’s edge, returning home for breakfast and then repeating the pattern thrice more each day.

His hat, which appeared more a crown, made it crystal clear that fish were what occupied his nimble mind. Those curious of the swimming subjects often asked the sheep man questions. He would continue walking, but smile and disperse thoughtful wisdom on the matter.

Day 349 Fish Feeder Top Detail

Day 349 Fish Feeder Big Horn Sheep Detail

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